The Power of DOG (Which is God spelled backwards)

I know I’ve written about this before, but, I’m being held hostage by my dog. This morning I spent two hours trying to set a stone and all the while Pickles was at the back door, pawing at the door, standing on her hind legs, barking, or sitting in this position, staring-staring-staring. It’s as if she says to me, “How COULD you?”

I came back to the house and sat with her for awhile while she curled up beside me and rested peacefully.

In other news from Dragonlane, I threw some bread out to the pigeon sisters yesterday. I felt sorry for them pecking around for those tiny seeds from the bird feeder so I tore up a bread crust and left the pieces in the garden. Indeed, they appreciated it. And so did Pickles. I found her gnawing a piece of frozen bread after her morning pee. She was in heaven.

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