Saturday Musings

One of the things I love about England is that there are so many surprising and beautiful areas in the midst of some rather urban or suburban enclaves.  We live on a busy road, in a neighborhood with lots of houses.  Yet, just around the corner are some fields with horses.  And on down the road are more fields and old farms.  Further along are old villages with thatched roof cottages  – winding lanes – an old mill  – and an alpaca farm.

This morning I went for a drive and I stopped the car to snap some photos on this wintery, frosty morning.

A long road:

A horse in a winter coat:

Here are two alpacas. They’re not from our local alpaca farm… they live at my brother-in-law’s farm where they keep the foxes out of the henhouse. They also enjoy a slurp of tea, which I found out one day while standing near the fence with a cuppa. I included them just for fun.

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