Creative Play

I’ve been spending more time in the studio again. I found this vintage pendent at the local flea market and I happily took it home and put it together with some coral beads that I had in my stash. The best thing about this old pendent is that it has a secret compartment. I wonder where it came from and if the secret compartment was used – and for what?

I was attempting to organize yesterday and so I was rummaging through my paints and papers. Instead of organizing, I sat down and painted this simple image. I must have been channeling NYC.

AP took the painting and ran it through a few filters and came up with some variations.

Pretty soon I’m going to have to tackle those things on my “to do” list. But not just yet.

8 thoughts on “Creative Play

  1. I really like #2. It does look like Manhattan at dawn, when there are still stars in the sky yet the light of the sun is peeking over the eastern horizon.

  2. Secret compartment ZOMG!! Love that! Wish I could wear that bright chunky style.
    You paint like my brother in law, who grew up in Boston. I’m gonna go against the flow and say that I like your original best. Filters are amazing, tho.

  3. I did not know that you could paint as well! You are a very talented Kimmi and I am glad that you came into my life four years ago and are here to stay ;o)

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