A tale of two parties…

Pickles had a sleep-over at Diana’s house last night.

This is Diesel, another of Diana’s charges, whom Pickles adores and who was also there for a sleep-over. (Diesel gets cold easily because he has very short hair and so sits on his bed with a blanket.)

This is Sam, who lives with Diana and is Pickles best boyfriend. Both boys were waiting for her when I delivered her to them and much panting, slobbering and spinning-in-circles ensued. You cannot imagine three happier dogs.

And then we went to a party where everyone was sparkley and festive, except for AP and me. We didn’t know many people and being old and sensitive to loud noises, we decided to leave the party a little early and go home. Except that we were very parked-in and there were so many cars in the drive that we had to return to the party, kick back, and start talking to people.  It was GREAT.

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