This morning, as I changed bedding and sorted laundry, poor old Pumpkin made his way upstairs and sat in the doorway of our bedroom and howled. He rarely comes upstairs as he is a timid old boy and that’s not part of his territory. I sensed that he was lonely and so what could I do but go downstairs and sit with him until he fell into his morning slumber. Pickles was happy to join in.

And because my domestic tasks were interrupted, and I don’t like doing them anyway, I picked up this book:

Which I read for the rest of the day. And I highly recommend. Especially if you want a fun book about midlife sex.

One thought on “Coasting…

  1. Oh! I have that book. Wonderful read, isn’t it? (When we were sorting father-in-law’s house after the funeral I found it.)

    Poop Pumpy. But at least Pickles is there.
    Happy New Year, Kim.

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