Christmas Post 2

Alan  doesn’t have a 3 foot table top artificial tree. The video of him trying to install his Christmas tree is hilarious — but not safe for work, just so you know.

Diana’s tree! She doesn’t do fake 3 feet tall trees either.

Perhaps the “Keep Calm” thing is getting a little overused? Never-the-less, it’s on my wall.  Next to my artificial table-top tree.

3 thoughts on “Christmas Post 2

  1. I am lazy, I just decorated our living room with some Christmas ornamentes. Our Christmas tree will be at our family home in the Hunsrück. No work – just fun.

    I will take some coffee as a gift for our hostess and enjoy the days.

    I wish you a great Christmas time!

  2. I’m with you, Kim. Gone from natural tree (what do you do with it at the end of the holiday/ how do you stop it looking like the leaning tower of Pisa etc.) to artificial this year. Its about as tall as me and stands on a small table which is just high enough to put doggy prezzies out of temptation of doggy teeth!

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