Christmas Post 2

Alan  doesn’t have a 3 foot table top artificial tree. The video of him trying to install his Christmas tree is hilarious — but not safe for work, just so you know.

Diana’s tree! She doesn’t do fake 3 feet tall trees either.

Perhaps the “Keep Calm” thing is getting a little overused? Never-the-less, it’s on my wall.  Next to my artificial table-top tree.

3 thoughts on “Christmas Post 2

  1. I am lazy, I just decorated our living room with some Christmas ornamentes. Our Christmas tree will be at our family home in the Hunsrück. No work – just fun.

    I will take some coffee as a gift for our hostess and enjoy the days.

    I wish you a great Christmas time!

  2. Diana’s tree is the kind I always dream of having and seem never to accomplish. Good job, Diana, it’s quite beautiful.

  3. I’m with you, Kim. Gone from natural tree (what do you do with it at the end of the holiday/ how do you stop it looking like the leaning tower of Pisa etc.) to artificial this year. Its about as tall as me and stands on a small table which is just high enough to put doggy prezzies out of temptation of doggy teeth!

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