My Adventures with Silver Jewelry

The jewelry bench…

My classmate and friend, Liz, soldering a piece of jewelry. Liz has a natural talent and a careful, creative eye for design.

Another design by a super-talented classmate.

My jewelry course is finished until mid January and I will miss having access to the array of jewelry-making tools and equipment that the school offers. (Surrey Adult Education, I love you.)

Most of all, though, I will miss the camaraderie and fellowship of my classmates and tutor, Vicky.

I spend most mornings working in my own little workshop, doing the best I can under my own direction and without anyone with whom to talk or share ideas. When I run into a snag, I generally unplug everything in the shed and walk straight to the kitchen to get some tea and a biscuit.  I think you could say that I’m a quitter.

I’m very much looking forward to next semester in the workshop.  And the tumble polisher.

4 thoughts on “My Adventures with Silver Jewelry

  1. I know how it is … well, with the photography/writing alone but it occured to me, you might like to visit with Nina too. I have my trusty google reader loaded with people like you and Nina and so, if you don’t know of her already, perhaps you will find some solace in her writings, while on the break.

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