Apparently, this video of Fenton (aka Benton) the dog chasing deer in Richmond Park has gone viral. If you’ve ever had to run after a dog who’s on a scent then you know how this feels. All of the running and calling out commands is absolutely futile…

We’ve made plans to meet up with our active and physically fit friends for a long walk in the English countryside this afternoon. AP and I are not particularly active nor are we fit. He is nursing a pulled muscle and I’m just getting old and creaky. But Pickles will be with us and she loves a walk and the only thing she chases is a bird or two so there’s no danger of a Fenton/Benton scene.

Here are some shots of our summer walk:

3 thoughts on “Walkies

  1. I have a Sheltie who loves to herd and run (and not listen)! I’m not sure that she’d take on a whole herd of deer though…maybe just a little too chicken for that! Hope you had a great walk today…my husband is from the UK (mostly around the Cotswolds) and I’ve had some lovely walks along the rivers and canals in that area.

  2. Looks lovely. Wish I was there. The Benton video gave me a good laugh this morning. In a cartoon, the deer would stop, turn around and stare Benton down!

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