Days like these

The sun has really left the sky of late. Now that it’s mid-November, sheets of gray cloud cover the morning sky — then the afternoon sky — and at about 3:30 PM the gray light fades into dark and that seems to be the end of my day. I swear I’m ready to put my flannel pajamas on at about 5:30 PM, thinking that it’s much later than that.

I have been working consistently in the mornings, trying to complete Christmas presents for family members and new items for Etsy. It’s been both rewarding and frustrating, as creative projects often are. I spent a few hours hand cutting and filing a piece only to ruin it in an instant by overheating.

I drove Pickles to the park yesterday because I felt that I owed her an excursion.

I took photos with a new photo app while Pickles did her usual meet and greet with her canine friends.

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