Doesn’t everyone read the internet?

A horrible photo, I know. Bear with me. It’s late and I’m tired again.

Last night I went to class and I played around with metal punches. I hammered the word, “OCCUPY” on a piece of silver and then held it up with amazement because it had actually worked. I said that I would make it into a pendant and give it to my niece who is very involved in the OWS movement. Blank faces stared back at me.

“I don’t get it,” someone said.

“You know… the Occupy movement? Occupy Wall Street? People in camping out in tents? They’re at St. Paul’s Cathedral right now?”

My classmates still didn’t know what the occupy protests were all about and so I briefly explained that it was a protest against economic injustice. Before I could get the final words out of my mouth (and I was very succinct) everyone had lowered their heads and continued sawing and hammering their silver pieces.

Ho hum.

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