Eat Your Fruit and Veg

I am very happy that Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is now doing a vegetarian cooking show. I had to stop watching his television specials because he raised his own animals, named them, cared for them — and then killed them and ate them during the course of his River Cottage TV specials. It was too traumatizing for me.

I watched his new vegetarian program last night while still suffering from indigestion from a magnificent dinner of pork crackling eaten the night before. I have promised to eat less meat and more vegetables and to make a real effort in procuring the 16 ingredients that it usually takes to make a very delicious vegetarian meal. Unless it’s macaroni and cheese. That doesn’t take 16 ingredients and it’s delicious every time.

2 thoughts on “Eat Your Fruit and Veg

  1. With you on the need to cut back on meat. I eat very little and only what I consider to be from a “clean” source.
    Still great argument here about the live animal trade to other countries Shocking TV expose recently that is still reverberating.But I fear the cattlemen will win. ;-(

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