Eight Years Ago…

…we tied the knot.

For some reason AP and I always remember our anniversary at the very last minute. This happens almost every year. He came home last night with a lovely jewelry box tucked under his arm and I had nothing for him. This morning I brought him breakfast in bed and later, for dinner, prepared a slap-up meal of chinese take-away.

Before we got married, I asked various people who were in long-term relationships if they had any advice. There were various pieces of wisdom offered but perhaps the one the stuck out in my mind was so simple: “Be kind.” Yes. That’s it. Be kind.

I’m sorry to report that even though this advice has stuck out in my mind, it hasn’t always been applied in real life and I’ve been known to snap, sigh, roll my eyes, and complain. I’ve also been known to withdraw and become sullen or blown my top and yell. And not in a kind way.

Together we’ve endured my transatlantic relocation and adjustment to step-parenting. And like many other couples, we’ve held our breath through lean financial times and other difficulties.

It was huge to let go of my life in New York and join AP in this adventure in England. But I can say with certainty that I never doubt my love for my companero and probably would have followed him to Timbuktu if he had asked. And it would have been worth it.

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