Cat Map

Indeed. This is how it usually pans out when Pearl comes upstairs for a sleep. She’s so old now that we welcome her in the bed and allow her to sleep — wherever. Lately she’s been sleeping more and eating less. I looked at her on Sunday and she seemed smaller than ever and her spine is pronounced when I stroke her back. Her eyes become runny sometimes and I wipe them clean and try to keep her as comfortable as I possibly can. My heart is heavy when I look at her and I feel as though she and I are having a long goodbye. I suppose, philosophically, we are all doing the same. But she is very near the end of her sweet life and so my feelings of loss are close to the surface.

5 thoughts on “Cat Map

  1. Ouch. When I think about the inevitable goodbyes I sometimes wonder why we set ourselves up for heartache. We made an appointment to put Shadow out of his misery a few years ago, spent the day with him, and then he died in Joe’s arms on the way to the animal hospital (after peeing on him:)
    Marley is Shadow’s opposite in so many ways, but he has captured our affection. Give Pearl a cuddle for me.

  2. I’ve gone through the same thing too many times. Give Pearl as much attention as you have time for, and don’t let her suffer.

    I love that cat map. My poor Fat Kitty had only a sliver of the bed thanks to the two dogs. I miss her.

  3. Yes , a hard time, but something we must face. I know you will do right by Pearl (and Pumpkin), but it’s never easy.
    That map, on the other hand, is a tonic! Wait il I show this to The Man-he’ll laugh.
    Gentle cuddle to Pearl.

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