May You Live in Interesting Times…

This is considered an old Chinese proverb and a curse. This quote comes to mind every time I read about the Occupy Wall Street movement that’s taking place right now in lower Manhattan.

If you haven’t heard of this movement yet, it’s because there’s been a virtual media blackout on this event. Any reporting that’s done is usually dismissive and condescending, painting the protesters as unemployed hippies and tree huggers.

I get the sense that the movement is gaining interest, however, as university professors are holding teach-ins, celebrities are showing up, and more and more of us middle aged DFH’s are making our way down there after work to bear witness and lend moral support.

The police have been brutal. The reports are that there is a tremendous police presence and people have been manhandled, beaten, and pepper sprayed. The NYPD are handling this in the worst possible way. Violent tactics work in the short term but if things don’t improve, this kind of raw aggression just empowers people more as they lose their fear — because they have so very little else to lose.

I am very much afraid that we do live in interesting times as more and more people lose their jobs, their homes and hope. The powerful elite and political elite work together to hoard wealth and rape the system, while the rest of us are at their mercy. They don’t see the benefit of a more equal and just society as they seemingly do not care about the general population. They care about grabbing as much money as possible for themselves and their children while the rest of us can eat dirt.

The demonstrations on Wall Street are the first attempt at people standing up — not to the political leadership — but to the economic leaders because they know that that’s where the real power and control lies. It’s important that we support them in any way we can. Spread the word.

3 thoughts on “May You Live in Interesting Times…

  1. Just a note that there is a occupying movement in Boston now. And MSNBC and Current TV are now giving this more air play and actually opened the Lawrence O’Donnell show and Keith Olbermann show last night.

  2. Deja vu? I well remember the 60s when the protests against nuclear weapons swelled to encompass that shameful Vietnam war and swelled again against the obscene wealth of the privileged Right (which is far from right)…

    I heard Leonard Cohen the other day, singing “Democracy” on my car radio. So I wound down the window and turned up the volume and blasted the car park.

    I felt better for a while… 🙂

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