Learning Something New…

…is a good thing. As Martha Stewart would say.

I had my first web design course this morning at the adult learning centre. I don’t think it bodes well that I’m the most experienced computer user in the room. Also, I was partnered with a man who retired nearly 20 years ago and whose last known computer application was Lotus 1-2-3.

A revealing fact about me: I have a very limited attention span and almost no patience or tolerance when things are dull. I had to remind myself to smile and breathe deeply, although I think I rolled my eyes twice during the lesson.

After class I walked to the local department store (my town has its very own local department store which is not a large corporate conglomerate but an old fashioned, small town department store.)

But I digress.

I found these lovelies in the department store:

I will have to sell many bits of jewelry if I am to buy them.

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