Casual Friday

Evening sky over Guildford

Again – I am tired today. Is there any middle aged woman who actually sleeps through the night? I want to know because I don’t think I’ve slept uninterrupted for about three weeks.

In spite of my fatigue, I’ve worked all day today, trying to calculate, measure, figure out, string and restring, solder and file. I got nowhere and I’m tired and, not to sound too pathetic, a bit beaten down. I need to step back and refuel… go for a ride in the car… walk the dog… finish the book I’ve been reading.

The BBC promises good weekend weather! (Big smiley face here.)

One thought on “Casual Friday

  1. I’m afraid I am not much help – haven’t slept through a night for years! I guess I’m fortunate in that I can set my own “timetable” which would be difficult if I still had to work 9 – 5.

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