At Least Somebody Around Here Gets Their Sleep

2 AM: Woke up. Rolled over 1/2 dozen times. Changed beds. Nothing.

3:30 AM: Stomach started to rumble. Who can possibly sleep on an empty stomach? Patted down to the kitchen and quietly removed two digestive biscuits from the package only to turn around and face two cats, starring up at me. The minute we made eye contact, both began to howl. I fed the cats and ate my biscuits. Went back to bed.

4:00 AM: Plugged in “The Women’s Hour” Podcast and listened to Jenni Murray. It’s like being read a bed-time story but I remained awake until after 5.

6:30AM: Pickles scratched at the door and thus began my day.

P.S. – I’m tired and hungry today. Does being tired make your body crave more calories? I wonder…

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