The end of civilization in America –

Oh here I go.

Election season is heating up and Americans are being treated to televised debates by the right wing politicians who are bidding to win the nomination of the Republican party.

A real low point, in case you didn’t catch it, was when the Governor of Texas, Rick Perry, was asked about whether or not he ever struggled with the idea that an innocent person may have been put to death in Texas:

” “No, sir. I’ve never struggled with that at all. The state of Texas has a very thoughtful, a very clear process in place of which — when someone commits the most heinous of crimes against our citizens, they get a fair hearing, they go through an appellate process, they go up to the Supreme Court of the United States, if that’s required.”

And the crowd cheered. Yes they did. Cheered for execution.

Another low point was during a second debate on Monday night in Tampa, Florida. The television host asked Ron Paul if uninsured man should be ‘left to die’ without treatment.
Before he could answer, audience members shouted “yeah”.


But here’s a real kicker. Turns out that Ron Paul’s campaign manager from the 2008 elections became seriously ill from pneumonia and died in the hospital… uninsured. Apparently his sister stated that insurance premiums were too high to afford and so he let them lapse. According to Ron Paul, people who do this are irresponsible. I wonder if Ron Paul thought his former campaign manager should be kicked out of the hospital and left on the church steps to die.

My God the right wing in America are loathsome little toads.

I don’t like you.

And I don’t like you.

5 thoughts on “The end of civilization in America –

  1. I’m sorry to say that I am becoming more and more “ostrichised” and don’t even stay in the room if these clowns are on the news. Wrong of me perhaps, but whey should I blow a fuse in my own home?

    In case the US primaries are hogging it all on your side of the world can I tell you what our breakfast, lunch and supper treats are? The disgusting arguments about where Australia should dump refugees.*

    Oops! Your blog, not my soapbox. I’ll go now.

    Please, stop calling them “asylum seekers.”

  2. Alan — exactly the mentality.

    Dinahmow – please, feel free to get on your soapbox here. You should hear me rant sometimes! And I don’t blame anyone for tuning out. In fact, I’ve stopped reading the political blogs so much because it makes me too depressed.

  3. Unfortunately, they are not loathsome little toads. They are the gigantic elephants in the room that won’t be moved. Remember how we used to call Jesse Helms “Senator No?” Remember how we laughed when Ted Stevens yelled “NO!” when it was suggested Alaska give up some of its federal money to help New Orleans? Now the republicans are all like that.

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