The End of the Holiday…

…for all of us.

Pickles stays at our neighbor’s house when we go away. They are our friends, Diana and Steve, and they also have a cavalier named Sam whom Pickles adores. I was informed, upon collecting Pickles yesterday, that she has been eating dry Special K with a little chicken for breakfast and that she rather prefers a little bit of ham for luncheon. She also looks forward to a morning cuddle with Steve while sitting in the arm chair near the window and that every evening both Steve and Diana went outside with her while she did her ablutions on the gravel as she didn’t like getting her feet wet on the grass.

Oh my.

You cannot imagine the look on her face when she was presented with a bowl of science diet last night. She backed away in horror and ultimately went to bed without dinner.

She’s back on her normal schedule here at chez DragonLane. Poor girl. She had to eat dog food and wee on the grass alone. And get her feet wet.

I’ve been giving her lots of cuddles, though.

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