Farmer’s Market Sunday and a Hurricane

August Break 28 – Early Morning Farmer’s Market

I have many early mornings as my body clock seems to be set for daybreak. I like to shuffle out of bed (arthritis in my back no longer allows me to jump) and make my way to the coffee maker just before 6.

This morning our local Farmer’s Market was on and so Pickles and I had a stroll around town before almost anyone else was out — before traffic clogged the streets or pedestrians crowded the sidewalks. We stopped off at the market and picked up some local produce and brought it home for Sunday lunch.

My thoughts are with my NYC friends as I have many who live in and around Manhattan. An earthquake and hurricane all in one week, for heaven’s sake! I’m not actually worried about their safety as most hurricanes die out before hitting that part of the coast. However, I think I’m more worried about their internet connection!

Here’s a shot of my little town. No hurricanes here today.

2 thoughts on “Farmer’s Market Sunday and a Hurricane

  1. Oh! Golly! I emailed friends “over there.” But forgot friends who still have folk over there. I do hope they are all OK!
    Actually, Irene has weakened, but flooding is still a concern.

    (How are P&P?)

  2. I’m sure most people will be OK but can you imagine the mess that flooding will cause with no public transport? Eeeek.

    I saw news report that people were having parties to celebrate the hurricane. Made me miss the place so much. Nobody on our street has parties to bring in a bad storm.

    Thanks for asking about P&P. Pearl is not sneezing at all but Pumpkin continues to sneeze and drip on me. But it’s less so he’s on the mend. They’re sleeping peacefully beside me right now 🙂

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