After the weekend

August Break Photo 22 – Pickles had a bath this weekend.

There’s not much to say about the photo except that Pickles is the best dog ever. She stands patiently while I bath her. She spent many days collecting just the right scents on her lovely coat and within 20 minutes on a Saturday morning, they are gone. And she never complains. She is now, however, walking with her little nose to the ground, fervently looking for signs of foxes, badgers, geese, and other dogs or even cats. If there’s a spot on the ground that smells particularly fragrant, she will stop… inspect it thoroughly, and then flop over and wiggle and squirm until I yell, “HEY — Stop that!!!” (Which she never does as it’s just too addictive for her.) I always have to run back to her and wave my arms until she walks on, very proud indeed of her new perfume.

I found this yesterday at a flea market and I love it.

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