Step Motherhood

August Break Photo 19 – Step Sons’ Journey

I’m so proud of these two boys young men that I could just burst.

These are my step-sons. When I came into their lives eight years ago, they were little boys and I really didn’t have a CLUE about what little boys were like at that time. But I can tell you that they loved their dad and he loved them fiercely and so we spent every weekend together and there were times when I thought that they would drive me insane. That was back then, when they could be demanding and whiney and didn’t like the food that I cooked or wanted to play computer games for ten thousand hours or we had to watch cartoons as our Saturday night movie. I felt so guilty because I just didn’t love Super Mario or Spiderman and I used to sneak out of the house sometimes to avoid cartoons or board games. My bad.

But guess what. We all survived! And yesterday at the funeral, perhaps for the first time, I saw them as young men instead of just kids. They were charming and mature and absolutely gorgeous. We are all so proud of them and what a privilege to be a part of their lives! (Sorry about sneaking out of the house, guys.)

3 thoughts on “Step Motherhood

  1. You give me hope, having just come through an incredibly rocky time with all kinds of extended family. Thanks for posting this …

  2. Di – don’t give up!! It really does get better. When the boys were little I found them to be VERY challenging and sometimes I felt hopeless. Now that they’re grown up we have wonderful conversations and big laughs together. They have become such good company — and I never could have imagined.

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