Shop Locally

August Break Photo 16 – Lyme Regis Store Front

Here’s an idea that I love from the 3/50 Project.

Choose 3 local businesses in your community and commit to spending at least $50 per month in them. If you can’t afford $50… then pick an amount that you can afford. It’s a simple idea and a great way to support your local economy.

Having just spent the most lovely long-weekend touring small towns and villages on the south coast, I have to say that the small, local shops are what keeps these places unique and inspiring. We drove into one coastal town where a giant Tescos was being built right near the seafront. (Tescos is the equivalent to Walmart or Target in the US). I hung my head when I saw the construction and the large billboards advertising the opening of the giant superstore. I realize that for some people, these stores are the only places that are affordable but for anyone who can possibly avoid shopping at discount stores, I strongly encourage you to do that. And please consider pledging to give your local businesses your custom.

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