No celebration here

The killing of OBL has not ignited joy or celebration in me. I cannot join in the fist pumping and bloodlust that other Americans seem to feel at the news that 32 navy seals found him in Pakistan and assassinated him. He was a violent religious extremist and while I have no love of him or any group that incites violence, I find the whole story sad and tragic.

The whole story is that America lost its mind after 9/11 and the war-mongers and war-profiteers took hold and 10 years, millions of lives, and 1.3 trillion dollars later we’ve finally succeeded in killing a person who was the alleged mastermind of the 9/11 attacks. This person who we killed was also someone who the US fully supported and trained in the 1980’s while the Soviet Union occupied Afghanistan. BTW.

So I ask myself, was it really necessary to invade two countries and occupy them for 10 years in order to find and kill OBL? Could the US have classified this as a police action and done it straight away? Was it really necessary to trample all over the constitution and kill and maim millions? I’m just asking is all.

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