A Few Gaping Holes

Pickles had several teeth pulled yesterday. I never would have dreamed that a young dog would have such horrible teeth but she seems to be genetically predisposed towards it. I picked her up from the vets and brought her home where she slept quietly and dribbled bloody saliva all over my duvet. (See photo above).

She is such a gentle and loving soul that it pains me to see her suffer. I kept thinking that she was wondering why I tried to kill her yesterday but of course there’s no way of knowing what she thought of her ordeal. She came home and managed to eat some soft food… went out for a pee… and slept peacefully the rest of the night.

Today she saw her husband, Sam, while we were on our walk and she yelped and bounced around the field as though nothing had ever happened. She continues to wag her tail and look at me with those pleading eyes… and she seems to smack her lips just a little more – but it’s all OKAY.

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