Sunday Evening Sunset Blogging

After an early morning trip to Gatwick airport to drop off visitors, I was never really able to recuperate from the general exhaustion of being hostess and the 5AM alarm signaling the airport run.

I made pancakes for AP when we got home as a reward for being such a good sport with the relatives.

My sister and I had fun together and we shared many laughs. I found myself thinking — “god, we’re getting old…” and a bit of angst crept into my mind as the visit progressed. All of the sadness of our childhood — the regrets — the shared interests and common ground. It’s all there along with our jowls and laugh lines. We’re getting old and we live so far apart and there are years of unspoken love, anger, resentment, and gratefulness. I felt it all while we discussed her quilting ideas and grandchildren… or while we shared a laugh over cups of tea in a museum tea shop.

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