Mother's Day & Spring

This painting by Ilya Kaverznev speaks to me of spring. The bright teapot… the pussywillows… the budding trees through the window.

Today when I opened my back door and stepped out onto the patio I was warmed by the sun and it was the first day this year that I felt spring coming along. At last. Even the cat made her way outdoors and sat on the patio, behind a pot which held a dried up plant. She chewed on the stalks a bit and blinked her eyes when she lifted her head to survey the garden.

Today was Mother’s Day in England. I never get any acknowledgment because, well, I’m not a mother. However, I decided that my little motherly gestures — buying the boys’ favorite foods… cooking for them… occasionally helping them with homework… and just generally tolerating their moods/silliness/loudness/goofiness deserves at least a small box of chocolate. And so I told Andy that and he took number 2 son to the store and bought me a lovely box of excellent Belgian chocolates. And then we shared them and then I took a very — and I mean VERY — good nap.

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