Not used to it

I never had children. When I was nearly 40 I realized that I wasn’t going to have children and it bothered me for about one afternoon. I decided I would do other things with my life. I was single and living in NY. I would take mono print classes and study French in my spare time.

Lucky for me I met my husband when I was 43 and when I was 44 I married him and moved to England. My husband had two boys and I was happy that I would have children in my life after-all.

The youngest son is now 13 1/2 and today I could really do without children in my life. This young son has always been quite reserved and cautious but as hormones are taking over his body he’s starting to smell of musk, and only communicate in a snarky, rude manner.

Yes – today I do with putting on my best walking shoes and hiking down to the lower east side for a dose of –anything other than teenaged anger.

At least I have my dog.

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