When I first moved to England, I joined a forum of American expats and started posting all of my hardships and complaints on the forum. One of the people who listened and replied patiently was a woman named Pat who lives in Cambridge. We’ve written to each other for six years now and she’s been, well, LOVELY.

Pat is moving back to the US soon and so we’re driving up to Cambridge to meet her for the first and last time.

Of the small group of middle aged American women who I befriended on that forum, I am the last one standing here in England. Everyone else has made their way back to the U.S.

I feel a little lonely knowing that my comrades are all back on the other side. (May they all keep jobs and healthcare.) At least I’ve been here long enough to have forged new friendships and solidly made a life with Andy so that any feelings of abandonment aren’t quite so stinging.

P.S. this will be my first trip to Cambridge and we’re taking Pickles and it’s very cold outside. May Cambridge be dog-friendly and may we not freeze.

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