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When it’s not overcast and drizzly in the south of England, we get the most gorgeous afternoon light and when this happens I grab the dog and go to the park and I snap photos with my iphone.

Today I occurred to me that I completely forgot about blackberry season this year. When I first moved to England I was absolutely enthralled at the blackberry bushes that line most of the roads, walkways and lanes around our house. My British friends and family were really puzzled at my excitement because many Brits consider the brambles a big nuisance. But blackberries were never that plentiful in the part of the midwest that I grew up in and after I left the midwest, I lived in cities, so, no blackberry bushes there.

The first year I lived here I made blackberry & apple pie and blackberry muffins. The next year I picked the blackberries but when I got them home there were too many bugs in the pail and so I very quickly threw them out. After that, I only thought of picking the berries but decided to leave them for the birds instead. This year I didn’t even give it a thought and today, while walking through the park, the little dried up blackberries were just barely dangling on the branches and most of the colorful leaves were gone. And another season is coming to a close.

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