Carpet Maker


This photo was taken during one of our obligated tours of a Turkish carpet factory. I’m sure this woman was paid a pittance for her hard and painstaking work. For this reason, I felt quite emotional as I watched her dye-stained hands work the fibers of this carpet. While she was weaving, the owner of the carpet factory gave us a lecture but I wasn’t listening at all. I could only watch the women working their craft.

Fast forward to the present day in England where we’ve received almost as much rainfall in the first seven days of the month as we did the whole of October 2008. The dog backed away from the front door this afternoon when I opened it for her to go out. When the rain let up, we went for a quick walk around the neighborhood and she still came home with wet feet and a wet coat. She insisted that I allow her to sit on my lap so that she could dry off and get warm — thanks to my sweater and body heat. I resisted only a little and then welcomed her onto my lap.

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