Holiday in Turkey

We just got back from one week in Turgurtries, Turkey. It was warm. It was sunny. It was Mediterranean. I think, because Andy and I are not real sun worshipers, we had a problem settling in there and we ended up taking day trips to visit old ruins, a small local village, and an old crusader castle. We signed on for a rather cheap bus tour of Ephesus and Pammukula which was sponsored, in part, by two local factories. As part of the trip we were obliged to tour these factories and listen to a very hard sales pitch which was supposed to inspire us to buy either diamond rings or handmade rugs. We bought neither and we’re still laughing about how we made a run for the door as soon as the salesperson turned their head. At one point I was going to feign illness just to get out of the room.

Turkey was fascinating but I had difficulty with the economic disparity between the tourists and the locals. These things never used to bother me but I’m becoming more conscious and sensitive to such realities now.
Still, it was a wonderful opportunity and I count myself fortunate to have been able to go and see that part of the world.

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