Long Weekend in France

Nancy Bag Museum
The woman with the huge bag standing near the stairway is me. This photo was taken inside the museum of art in Nancy, France.

Andy and I took a long weekend trip to Nancy where the art nouveau movement flourished during the turn of the last century. There are many examples of art nouveau art and architecture scattered around the town and we sought them out and were duly amazed and wowed.

We arrived on a Friday afternoon, exhausted from traveling to Paris and then via train to Nancy. We stopped at a cafe and people-watched in the town square and then went off to find out hotel. Later we enjoyed a lovely meal of Quiche Lorraine — THE dish of the Lorraine Provence which is where Nancy is located.

Every meal we ate during our visit was simple yet delicious.

I loved walking up and down the cobbled streets and hearing the locals speak. I tried my hand at asking for directions or ordering food and it was truly cringe worthy but what else can be done when an American visits France and never learned French? (Or any other language.)

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