Sunday Scribbling – Powerful

greek-puppets.JPG I find it so hard to write about power. Power, to me, relates to abuse. Those in power or those who have power so easily wield it over those who don’t. As the once famous quote says, “power corrupts and absolute power corrputs absolutely.”

As a child I had no power what so ever. None. I was punished for expressing unpleasant feelings and opinions of mine were squashed immediately if they didn’t concur with my parents.

As an adult I carry only a few memories of when I had power and it was usually when I was so angry that I lost my fear and dissolved into the moment and spoke up… to a boss… to an ex-husband.

It felt as though I had grown two feet.

Today I watch in horror as our government strips its citizenry of power. The modecum of democracy that the people of the United States used to have is being eroded each and every day. Both mainstream democrats and republicans seem to be concerned only with consolidating and maintaining their power, bowing down to corporate and military interests rather than to look towards the long term consequences of such decisions. They are loathe to fight for the average citizen’s rights. Rather, they strip them away, one by one. So disdainful they are of the common person. They do not care. I am convinced of it.

(Photo is of Greek shadow puppets)

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